1. Social media policy

Social media policy

Page last updated: 26 November 2020

  • Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages are maintained and monitored by the Financial Markets Authority. We welcome discussion on our social media pages, but we monitor and moderate posts and comments to maintain community standards.
  • Content that contains obscenity or profanity, posts from fake profiles, personal attacks, political, commercial or sales/promotional material or anything otherwise deemed to be inappropriate will be removed by administrators.
  • This is not a forum to make complaints about individuals or businesses if you think they are breaking the law. If you are concerned, please contact us.
  • Posts or comments should not include potentially defamatory information or refer more broadly to personal information about other individuals. 
  • To protect your security and privacy, please do not share any personal or sensitive information when commenting or posting on our social media pages. 
  • The views expressed on the pages are those of the individuals and not the views of the Financial Markets Authority.
  • The FMA expressly disclaims any responsibility and no right of action shall arise against the FMA or its employees either directly or indirectly out of any views or information on these pages.