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  1. 4 October 2018

    Managed funds

    When you invest in a managed fund, your money is pooled with other investors’ money and is spread across different kinds of investments. A manager chooses how the fund is invested according to the rules set out for each fund and each investor owns a proportion of the total fund. You can invest in a single fund or a mix of funds. Managed funds allow for investment diversity and can be a good investment option. Learn how managed funds work and the different types available.


  2. 13 November 2018


    Crowdfunding works by many people (the crowd) putting in small amounts of money to raise funds for a company or project.
    When you put money into an equity crowdfunding project, you're buying shares. Typically this will be in small or start-up businesses, meaning you become a part owner of the business. It's important to understand the risks of investing in crowdfunding. Read more here.