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Investor warning: wisefex.org Investment LTD

Page last updated: 14 December 2021

The FMA recommends exercising caution when dealing with wisefex.org Investment LTD (Wisefex) and www.wisefex.org (the website).

We believe Wisefex is operating a scam through the website and their representatives or associates. The website purports to offer cryptocurrency investment plans with guaranteed and unrealistically high returns to investors.  We are aware of an investor using their wallet services to invest and being unable to withdraw their cryptocurrency.

Wisefex operates a referral system where referees are rewarded for referring a new user. The investor has been approached by a person through Scrabble Go online game app and other social media apps, and subsequently invested into the website on referral from the person.

Wisefex is not a registered financial service provider or subject to regulation in New Zealand.

Entity name: wisefex.org Investment LTD
Contact Numbers: +1(754) 432-5284Email addresses: info@wisefex.org; admin@wisefex.org 
Websites: www.wisefex.org
Other: Wallet ID: bc1q3jn3tz8wsm5cg2gnwc65wft6vlkxh499wn77xq