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This section contains our reports, research papers and data tools.

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    • Insurance
    • AFA/QFEs
    • Financial advice
    • Thematic review

    29 June 2016

    Replacing life insurance — who benefits?

    The FMA has previously raised concerns about the extent of replacement business in the life insurance industry. In response to these concerns, we initiated a review to determine whether insurance churn exists in the New Zealand market and, if it does, whether it harms consumers. Read the full report and media release here.


    • Monitoring and compliance
    • Statutory reports

    4 April 2014

    Securities Trustees and Statutory Supervisors - Feedback from monitoring visits

    The findings in this report reflect common issues recorded during our on-site visits of licensees and summarises the overall assessment of monitoring quality (section 1). It also provides key messages for licensees (section 2) and outlines the future focus of monitoring reviews (section 3).