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    24 September 2020

    Supervision Insights report

    An overview of the FMA’s supervision activities and findings from our monitoring reviews of regulated entities. The insights in this report tell us that large parts of the industry are working hard to move towards the expectations we and other regulators have articulated. They also give a clear message of problem areas within the industry and how we expect these to be improved. Most of the issues we identified were the result of a casual or careless approach to conduct and compliance, rather than being deliberate misconduct. However, left unchecked, this disregard can escalate into poor outcomes for customers, in a way that may not be immediately obvious. We want there to be no doubt that providers will be culpable if they fail to take appropriate care of customers and their outcomes. Download the full report on this page.


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    24 August 2020

    MyFiduciary report into active and passive management of KiwiSaver funds

    The FMA commissioned MyFiduciary to complete a report into the investment management styles of KiwiSaver providers. The report examines how active or passive each KiwiSaver Provider is. It also examines whether investment management fees differ between active and passive approaches


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    9 September 2019

    Growing New Zealand’s Capital Markets 2029

    NZX and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) welcomed the release of the Capital Markets 2029 report, saying the 10-year vision and growth agenda would create more opportunities for Kiwis to grow personal wealth, help New Zealand businesses to prosper, and help future-proof the country’s economy.