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    10 December 2021

    Spotlight on IPOs

    An IPO is an Initial Public Offering. It’s the first time new shares in a company are offered to investors in the wider public. These shares are then listed on a stock exchange, such as the NZX or ASX. An IPO can be riskier than other sharemarket investments, because there isn’t any past history on the stock exchange. However, it’s also possible that the lack of historical share price provides a buying opportunity. In this article from the FMA editorial team, you can get more information on IPOs and things to look out for before you invest.


    1 December 2021

    Spotlight on: Balanced Funds

    The FMA editorial team talks about managed funds in this article. “A balanced fund usually has moderate risk, so you’re not risking as much uncertainty of achieving your investing goals or as much potential for loss by being in one. But remember to check your fund type is still good for your situation – if you’re getting closer to retirement or buying that first home, it’s time to start thinking about a more conservative fund.”


    17 November 2021

    Mandatory climate-related disclosures – a new regime for NZ and the FMA

    New legislation passed last month requires certain entities, known as Climate Reporting Entities (CREs), to produce annual climate statements that identify and report on the impact of climate change on their organisations and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the legislation is to help ensure the effects of climate change are routinely considered in their businesses, investments, lending and insurance underwriting decisions. FMA director of capital markets, Sarah Vrede talks about how the new regime will be introduced and who needs to get ready.


    7 October 2021

    Jumping into that investment? Take a mo and think about it

    Most investors are doing the right things – they’re diversifying their portfolios and they’re doing their research. However, some are jumping into investments because they have a fear of missing out and some are jumping in without fully understanding what it is they are committing to. Gillian Boyes, Manager Investor Capability for the FMA explains.


    14 September 2021

    The Goldilocks dilemma (or how to choose the FAP full licence class that’s just right)

    One of the first big decisions you need to make is which type of FAP full licence is right for you, as this determines some of the things you need to think about now, and have in place, in support of your full licence application. On this page Derek Grantham, Principal Consultant, Market Engagement at the FMA talks about your options.


    11 August 2021

    Get your full licence in 2021 – it could be the best business decision you’ll make

    Financial advice providers have had a lot on their plate recently so it’s not surprising that some transitional licence holders have been slow to turn their mind to full licensing. But as someone who’s worked closely with the sector for the last 10 years, I believe there are clear benefits to getting the job done early. And it’s not for the reasons you may think.