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4 things you can do now to enjoy a more comfortable retirement

5 April 2017

You’re more likely to be able to relax and enjoy retirement if you:

1. Find out which investments are most suitable for you and your goals

People who are very confident about their retirement finances are likely to have a broader range of investments.

Use Sorted’s investor kickstarter to understand your goals, attitude to risk, and what type of investor you are. This will show you the mix of investments that’s best for you.

2. Work out your finances, so you can be confident your money will last

Think about the lifestyle you want when you retire and set a budget to achieve it. You will need to have a good understanding of your expenses now and how these are likely to change when you retire.

  • Our ‘set your retirement goal’ page helps you work out your retirement expenses. 
  • Sorted’s retirement planner gives you an idea how long you’re likely to live and the level of income you might receive. 

If your savings are falling short, can you afford to invest more now?

3. Get expert help to stay on track

Investing is complex and it’s quite likely you’ll need some help along the way. Most people we surveyed told us they had made better financial decisions as a result of getting information or advice.

If you need help, speak to a financial adviser or your investment provider.

4. Understand investment risk

Investments go up and down - it’s a normal part of investing and can improve your chances of getting a good return. By investing too conservatively there’s a risk your money won’t last as long as you need it.

Learn ways you can spread your risk on our understand risk page.