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Other investments

For investments other than KiwiSaver or managed funds, you’ll generally receive less information. This means you (or your adviser) will need to do more work to monitor your investments. If your adviser is being sent information directly, make sure you’re also receiving copies.

Read the company’s annual report and check its website

Most companies issue an annual report each year. This will include a copy of the company’s financial statements – giving a summary of how the business is performing. Financial statements of companies listed on the stock exchange must be audited and registered with the Companies Office.

In addition to the financial statements, there will usually be a summary of the business’s operations and plans for the coming year. You can also see how the business is governed and managed.  Further information may be available on an ‘investors’ section of the company’s website

This information enables you to identify any risks the business is exposed to, and helps you decide if you want to continue investing with them.

If an annual report isn’t provided, have a look at the investment’s product disclosure statement (PDS) to find out how they will keep you informed. Alternatively, contact your investment provider directly.

Keep track of transactions online

Many investments give you access to an online account so you can check your account any time. 

Companies listed on the NZX must disclose certain information through an information service that can be viewed on the NZX website.