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Finding an adviser

You can find searchable lists of advisers on various professional adviser association websites and the NZX website. You can also talk to your existing financial services provider to see what they offer.

Services offered

Where to find a list


Financial Advice New Zealand: www.financialadvice.nz


Financial Advice New Zealand: www.financialadvice.nz

Insurance Brokers Association: www.ibanz.co.nz

Triple A Advisers Association: www.triplea.org.nz

Investments and investment planning

Financial Advice New Zealand: www.financialadvice.nz

SIFA: www.sifanz.org

Triple A Advisers Association: www.triplea.org.nz

NZX participants: www.nzx.com


You can also download and search the list of Authorised Financial Advisers.

Please note, we rely on advisers keeping their own details up-to-date, so can’t guarantee the accuracy of any of the lists linked to from this page.

Check the listing details of individual advisers to see what they offer. Not all advisers offer all services.


A recommendation from friends or family is another way to find an adviser but it’s still important to interview your adviser like you would any other.

Your friend or family member is likely to have different financial objectives to you, and if they’ve only recently taken advice, it’s hard to tell whether an adviser has done a good job. Often this isn’t clear until years after the advice has been given. It’s a good idea to ask your adviser for examples of how they’ve successfully helped people similar to you.

See choosing an adviser.

Is the adviser on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR)?

You can find out more about the financial adviser you are dealing with on the public Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) at www.fspr.govt.nz

The register will tell you their business address and list the financial services they can provide. It will also tell you whether they are just registered and/or licensed as an AFA (this will be in the list of financial services).

QFE advisers don't have to be listed individually on the register but the financial service company they work for must be there.

Please note, registration on the FSPR is not an official approval of an individual, business, or organisation and does not necessarily indicate the provider is licensed or regulated in New Zealand or any other country.

If a person giving you financial advice is not on the register when they should be, then don't deal with them and let us know.