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What you can complain to us about

Page last updated: 10 May 2019

We investigate a range of complaints about the conduct of individuals and businesses that operate in our financial markets. We may be able to help you if your complaint is about:

Businesses, individuals and markets we license and authorise

We can look into your complaint to see if the financial service provider might have breached a law we enforce.

Illegal investment offers and schemes

New Zealand incorporated 'shell' companies

Fair dealing

Unregistered financial service providers

Misleading advertising about investments

We regulate advertisements of investments but media advertisements must also comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's Code of Practice for Financial Advertising

Complaints about the FMA

What we don't do and who else may be able to help

Some complaints we receive are about issues outside the scope of our responsibilities. Before you make a complaint, please check to ensure you are contacting the right organisation. Here are some of the specific areas we don't cover, including details on what other organisations can help instead.

We don’t cover

Legal advice

We do not provide legal advice. In most cases you will need to talk to a qualified legal adviser who can tell you how the law applies to you and your particular circumstances. For free advice see the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Competition law and fair dealing

Registered companies and other entities

We cannot advise on whether a company is legitimate or if you should deal with a particular company. To see if a company is registered, contact the New Zealand Companies Office

The Companies Office also maintains registers for a range of entities such as incorporated societies, charitable trusts, and limited partnerships.

Financial Service Providers Register

Consumer scams

Credit (including hire purchase) and debt

Resolving disputes

Advice on making investment decisions

While we don't give specific investment advice, general information is available in our Consumer section of this site. You can also find information on investing on the Sorted website.

Advice on buying and selling a property

The Real Estate Agents Authority has information on your rights when you buy and sell a property. They will consider complaints about behaviour of real estate agents.

Identity theft, financial crimes or fraud

Advice on choosing a financial adviser

Prudential supervision of banks and insurers

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) registers banks, licenses insurers (insurance companies) and undertakes their prudential supervision. You'll find further information on the RBNZ website.

Media advertising

While we regulate advertisements of securities, media advertisements must also comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's Code of Practice for Financial Advertising. You can find more information about the Advertising Standards Authority and its code of practice

Professionals offering financial services