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Guidance and resources for directors

Good corporate governance supports investor confidence. To enable companies to grow and thrive, directors need to be both risk managers and responsible risk takers. Being a director is more than just a title. The office of a director carries with it a wide range of ethical, legal and commercial duties and obligations.

This page provides a range of guidance and resources to assist directors in their duties.

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    15 March 2021

    Ngā mea waiwai o te tūranga whakataka (The essentials of being a director)

    This is a te reo Māori translation of The Essentials of Being a Director guide - which recognises the relevance of te reo Māori in New Zealand’s economy. This joint publication with the Institute of Directors is intended to provide company directors and prospective directors with a quick reference and overview of some of the key things they should think about.