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Licensed discretionary investment management services (DIMS)


The FMA has issued a licence to the following providers to provide Discretionary Investment Management Services (DIMS):



Trading name

Authorised body*

FSP38082 AMP Services (NZ) Limited    
FSP5501 Anthony John Munro

Health Professional Services Ltd, Munro Financial

FSP36405 ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited    
FSP29003 ASB Bank Limited Bankdirect  
FSP14261 Balmer, Jeffs & Company Limited    
FSP25101 Bank of New Zealand

Bank of New Zealand

FSP26104 Cambridge Partners Limited previously Bradley Nuttall Limited    
FSP422586 Camelot NZ Limited

Camelot NZ Limited

FSP29382 Canterbury Financial Services (2005) Limited Canterbury Financial Services Ltd  
FSP323686 Castle Point Funds Management Limited    

Craigs Investment Partners Limited

Craigs Investment Partners Limited  
FSP24782 Dennis Green & Associates Limited Milestone Financial Services (Auckland) Ltd  
FSP31602 Fiona Mary Judd Fiona Judd – Investment Fiduciary  
FSP3202 First NZ Capital Securities Limited First NZ Capital  

Fisher Funds Management Limited

FSP25021 Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited   Forsyth Barr Limited
FSP35303 Foundry Asset Management Limited Foundry Asset Management Limited  
FSP3961 Funds Administration New Zealand Limited    
FSP19601 Generation Wealth Management Limited Generation Wealth Management
FSP16981 Hart Capital Partners Limited    

Investment World Limited

Investment World Limited  
FSP112385 John Mervyn Cliffe Cliffe Consulting Limited  
FSP9761 John Peter Milner Collaborative Consulting Ltd  

Kepler Group Southland Limited

Kepler Group  
FSP46781 Kiwi Wealth Investments Limited Partnership (Previously Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership) Kiwi Wealth Investments  
FSP249805 Milestone Direct Limited    
FSP35702 Milestone Financial Planning (Canterbury) Limited Milestone  
FSP305566 Milestone Financial Services (Auckland) Limited    

Milestone Financial Services (Central) Limited

FSP20101 Milestone Financial Services (North) Limited    
FSP391786 Milford Private Wealth Limited   Milford Asset Management Limited
FSP431746 Morgan Steel Financial Services Limited

Your Employee Services; Share

FSP20861 New Zealand Assets Management Limited    
FSP432806 New Zealand Discretionary Investment Management Services Limited NZDIMS Newton Ross Limited
FSP64261  Nicholas Paul Randle Secure Financial Planning Limited  
FSP76743 Nigel Francis Kerr Keplergroup (s.c.) Limited  
FSP48786 Pacific Wealth Creators Limited    

Polson Higgs Wealth Management Limited

FSP104464 Richard William Bennett Kepler Group Central Otago Limited  
FSP30481 Rival Wealth Limited Rival Wealth  
FSP174024 Rutherford Rede Limited    
FSP54701 Quartz Wealth Management Limited    
FSP443706 Select Wealth Management Limited    
FSP441406 Stewart Group Wealth Management Limited Stewart Group Wealth Management Limited Stewart Financial Group Limited
FSP39903 Strongbox Wealth Management Limited Strongbox Wealth Management Limited  

Tailorednz Limited

Nla Financial Advisers Limited, Triplejump Strettons Wealth Management Limited
FSP33501 The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited Guardian Trust - trading Name of Corporate Trusts, Perpetual Guardian  
FSP41181 Todd Family Office Limited    
FSP37383 Trustees Executors Limited    
FSP467726 V.I.P. Financial Services Limited Vip Financial Services Limited  
FSP46362 Wealth Works Limited    
FSP35681 Westpac New Zealand Limited Westpac New Zealand Limited  

*An authorised body is a related body corporate that has been authorised by FMA to provide a service covered by the licence.

You can find out further details including the provider's business address and list of services on the Financial Service Providers Register.