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Lists and registers


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Other lists and registers

Authorised financial advisers (AFAs)

Download the list of AFAs - current as at 1 January 2018.

The FMA publishes this information for public use. The information is provided to us from external sources and the FMA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. The obligation for updating AFA details on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) is the responsibility of the AFA, not the FMA.

To find the most up-to-date details on AFAs please visit the FSPR website and using the advanced search option complete as follows:

  • To search AFAs by name or FSP number type their name or FSP number in the 'search for FSP' field.
  • To search AFAs by location, under the 'financial services' drop-down box, select 'Financial adviser' then type your area in the 'address keywords' field.

Approved digital advice providers

Providers approved to provide personalised digital advice services

Licensed crowdfunding platforms

Businesses holding a licence to provide crowdfunding services. 

Licensed derivatives issuers

Businesses holding a licence to provide derivatives issuer services.

Licensed discretionary investment manager services (DIMS)

Businesses holding a licence to provide an discretionary investment manager service.

Licensed independent trustees

Businesses holding a licence to provide an independent trustee service.

Licensed managed investment scheme managers (MIS)

Businesses holding a licence to provide a managed investment scheme.

Licensed market operators

Businesses holding a licence to operate financial product markets.

Licensed peer-to-peer lending services

Businesses holding a licence to provide peer-to-peer lending services.

Licensed supervisors

Businesses holding a licence to provide supervisor services.

Designated settlement systems

See the two designated settlement systems the FMA is jointly responsible for regulating with the RBNZ.

Qualifying financial entities (QFE)

Businesses with QFE status.

Other lists and registers



AML/CFT reporting entities 

The list of AML/CFT reporting entities supervised by the FMA.

KiwiSaver exempt employers

The current list of KiwiSaver exempt employers.

Registered KiwiSaver schemes 

To find out information about a KiwiSaver Scheme please check the Disclose Register. You can also find a list of KiwiSaver providers on the Inland Revenue website.

The Disclose Register

The Disclose Register is an online register managed by the Companies Office. It displays financial products offers and managed investment schemes, such as complying superannuation funds and KiwiSaver schemes.

Material information about regulated offers not included in a PDS must be uploaded to the Disclose Register.