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Peer-to-peer lending

We have provided a 2-part licensing application guide to help you fill out your application. You need to read both PART A and PART B.

To begin the application process click hereIf you have any questions please call us on 0800 434 567.


This part gives general guidance about the licensing process. This includes how to log in to the application portal (and how to create a RealMe identity, if you don't already have one - you'll need one before you can apply, and to save and re-access your work). Download PART A here


This part gives specific information for the type of licence you're applying for. It outlines the minimum standards for the licence, sets out questions you'll be asked, and gives guidance on what you might need to tell us and the types of documents you'll need to provide. Your application can only be made online and you'll need to upload your supporting documents. Refer to the role specific section below to download PART B. Please note these guides may be updated from time to time, so please check back here for the latest version before you apply.

Licensing Application Guide Peer-to-peer lending Part B

Standard conditions

If we grant you a licence it will contain conditions that support your market services licensee obligations. These will include conditions imposed by the FMC Act and regulations, as well as conditions imposed by the FMA. Find out more about the conditions for each service below.

In your application you'll need to demonstrate that you can meet these minimum standards and conditions - or ask us for a limit or variation in your licence.

Standard Conditions for peer-to-peer lending service licences 

Licensing declarations and certificates
For applicants

SD1.0  Certificate of compliance and authority to apply (applicant or their authorised person)

SD1.1  Declaration by current/proposed director of licence applicant

SD1.2  Declaration by current/proposed senior manager of licence applicant

SD1.3  Curriculum vitae of management team member of licence applicant

SD1.4  Declaration  by Independent trustee (individual) -  a combined certificate and declaration

For related bodies of the applicant

SD2.1  Declaration by executive director of related body to licence applicant

SD2.2  Declaration by senior manager of related body to licence applicant

For relevant parties to the applicant

SD3.1  Declaration by director of relevant party to licence applicant

SD3.2  Declaration by senior manager of relevant party to licence applicant

SD3.3  Declaration by individual relevant party to licence applicant (such as owner)

Amendments and changes

Notification required by FMC Regulations

For changes to directors or senior managers of a licensee and/or key personnel of an authorised body

(Refer Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 r 191)

This notification form must be completed and emailed to compliance@fma.govt.nz.

Notification of change of director or senior manager by licensee and/or key personnel of authorised body

Notification required by licensing standard conditions

To notify us of a change in your key people and managers as required by the licensing standard conditions, please send an email to compliance@fma.govt.nz outlining what the changes are and the qualifications and experience of the new or replacement personnel, e.g. attach their c.v.

Note that this is a standard condition for the following licence types: DIMS, crowd funding, independent trustee (for corporates), MIS and peer- to-peer lending.