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Authorised Financial Advisers

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Apply to become an AFA

Making changes to your authorisation

Renewing your authorisation

To become an AFA you need to meet eligibility requirements, including minimum competence requirements and good character.

Before applying to become authorised, you need to:

Once you have completed the steps above, you can apply for authorisation online at the FSPR.

Apply to become an AFA

Before beginning your application, please read the financial adviser authorisation guide and related resources listed below.

Making changes to your authorisation

After you have been authorised, you may apply to change the period, or the terms and conditions of your authorisation, or the FAS scopes you have been authorised for.

  • If you wish to add to your FAS scope you will need to submit a FAS scope variation application form AFAVAR 1.1
  • If you wish to change the period or the terms and conditions of your authorisation you will need to submit a variation application form AFAVAR 1.2
  • If you wish to add personalised DIMS to your FAS scope you will need to submit a DIMS variation application form AFADIMS 1.1. You can request this form by emailing us at AFAapplications@fma.govt.nz
  • If you wish to reduce your FAS scope then you can request this by emailing us at AFAapplications@fma.govt.nz

Complete the relevant form and submit it to the FMA at AFAapplications@fma.govt.nz with the required supporting documentation and the relevant application fee.

Renewing your authorisation

You can apply to renew your authorisation from up to 6 weeks before your expiry date, but no later than your authorisation expiry date.

To apply for a renewal of your AFA authorisation under the FAA,  you will need to submit your application online using our eServices portal

We encourage you to make a note of your expiry date becuase if you fail to renew your authorisation then, it will lapse.

You can continue to provide advice to your clients while we process your application for renewal, even if your expiry date passes during this time.

Please refer to the AFA Authorisation Renewal Guide for what to do.