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Licensing and registration checklist

Page last updated: 08 June 2018

1. Have you selected the correct financial market service/s on the FSPR.

2. Have you shown us how you meet (or will meet) the minimum standards:

Fit and proper

Your directors and senior managers must be fit and proper persons to hold their respective positions.


Your organisation must have the right mix of people with the right skills and experience, in the right roles, to monitor your licensed business properly and effectively.

Operational infrastructure

Each licence type has its own specific requirements for operational infrastructure. There are common requirements for all applicants. You need to demonstrate you have the policies, processes and procedures in place, supported by effective controls; and you meet the minimum standards.

Financial resources

You must have adequate financial resources to effectively perform the licensed service at all times.


You must have a high-level body responsible for overseeing compliance with your market services licence obligations – and ensure appropriate risk management.


You have governance and compliance arrangements that promote a customer-focused culture with your obligations as a licensee, and ensure appropriate risk management and fair treatment of investors.


You must have adequate and effective arrangements for challenging and testing your own compliance, its compliance framework and the outcomes.

3. Have you answered all mandatory questions – you won’t be able to submit the application until all questions have been answered.

4. Has your board or governing body completed and signed certificate SD1.0?

5. Have you uploaded all relevant signed declarations and CVs?

6. Are there any other supporting documents to be uploaded?

7. Is there an authorised body?  If so, have you selected ‘Yes’ to the “Do you want related bodies authorised under your licence?” question.  Make sure that the authorised body completes and submits their own separate application form.

8. Have you saved and reviewed your application?  We recommend that you print off a pdf copy before you click on the ‘submit’ button.

9. Have you paid the right fee?  You can pay by credit card or by internet banking – check the Part A guide to find out how.