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Licensed and reporting entities

The following businesses/people have been granted a licence or have been authorised by the FMA. It's important to only deal with licensed people and businesses because if things go wrong you will have access to free dispute resolution services. Find out further details including the provider's business address, list of services and the name of their independent dispute resolution scheme on the Financial Service Providers Register.

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    • Designated Business Groups

    13 December 2021

    Craigs DBG

    Craigs DBG including: CIP Cash Management Nominees Limited, CIP Nominees No 1 Limited, Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited, Custodial Services Limited, DEL Management Limited, Deutsche Craigs Limited, Hendry Nominees Limited, Karaka Management Limited, Karaka Nominees No.1 Limited, Kowhai PE Management Limited, Matai Management Limited, Matai Nominees No.1 Limited, NZSIF Management Limited, Pilot Bay Funds Management Limited, Pohutukawa Management Limited, Pohutukawa II Management Limited, and QuayStreet Asset Management Limited


    • Designated Business Groups

    13 December 2021


    NZGT DBG including: 27 Finance Limited, Covenant Trustee Services Limited, Custom Fleet NZ, Koru Finance Limited, The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, NZGT (FP) Trustee Limited, NZGT (IF) Trustee Limited, and NZGT (BPFT) Trustee Limited