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Apply for a digital advice exemption

Page last updated: 5 Feb 2019

Personalised digital advice 

You can apply to provide personalised digital advice under the Financial Advisers (Personalised Digital Advice) Exemption Notice 2018. See our information sheet for information about the exemption and our media release.

Application forms

You will need to complete these forms:
DA 1.1 Application form
DA1.1 Declaration by director/senior manager of applicant

Help and guidance to prepare your application

See our application guide to help you complete your application.

How to submit your application

Submit completed applications by email to exemptions@fma.govt.nz. Include copies of all supporting documents, including scanned copies of signed director/senior manager declarations.

The subject line of the e-mail should be: ‘Personalised digital advice exemption – Application – [name of provider/group]’.

Your fee payment of $1,265 (incl. GST) must be paid at the time your application is made.

How to make your fee payment

You can pay by electronic deposit, internet banking or cheque. Payment can be made by applicants or law firms making applications on behalf of their clients.

Payment option

How to pay

Additional information

Electronic deposit or internet banking

Where bill pay is available please select ‘Financial Markets Authority - Other’

Otherwise our bank details are:

Bank: Westpac

Account name: Financial Markets Authority

Account number: 03-0584-0198005-000

To ensure we process your payment correctly please provide the following information:

Particulars: Payor’s name

Code: Exemptions

Reference: Applicant’s name


Forward to:
Exemptions Team
Level 2
1 Grey St
PO Box 1179
Wellington 6140

Please make the cheque out to ‘Financial Markets Authority

Include a hard copy of your application with your cheque


Please note:

  • payment by credit card is not available for this application process
  • only forward a hard copy of your application if you are paying by cheque.

How long it takes

We will process your application as quickly as possible. The more complete your application is, the quicker we are able to process it. Carefully reading the Application Guide will help ensure your application is processed without undue delays. We will contact you directly if we have any queries about your application.

We would usually expect an application to be approved within one to three months. The timeframe depends on how well prepared your application is, whether all supporting documents have been provided, how long it takes to assess, and whether we need to come back to you for more information. It also depends on how many applications we are assessing at the same time.

Once approved, your name will be added to the list of approved providers included in Schedule 1 of the exemption. You cannot provide the personalised digital advice service until you have been added to the list in Schedule 1. We will notify you when this has happened. This may take one to two weeks from the time your application is approved, to enable the amendment notice to be prepared and formally notified in the Gazette.

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