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Building investor capability

Investor capability is a key part of well-functioning financial markets. Part of our role is to help build this capability.

Our investor capability strategy sets out our approach to building investor understanding and confidence. The strategy addresses our strategic priority to improve investor decision making.

Consumer insights help shape the resources and initiatives we focus on. We gain these in 2 key ways:

  • consumer surveys and testing
  • consumer advisory network 

Consumer surveys and testing

We survey consumers to understand current issues and consumer perceptions. Some of these surveys are conducted jointly with other agencies.

We also test key consumer resources with an online panel of consumers. Feedback helps us ensure we are clearly communicating the steps a capable investor should take when considering a specific product or activity.

Consumer advisory network

Our consumer advisory network helps us ensure consumer perspectives are considered and addressed in our investor capability strategy and initiatives, and in our broader regulatory activities.

Members include organisations that represent the views of, or work regularly with consumers. Investors are the consumers the FMA’s work most affects, but because we also regulate financial advisers, we also share information and seek feedback on issues that affect consumers of other financial products such as insurance.

Current member organisations are:

  • Banking Ombudsman Scheme
  • Consumer New Zealand
  • Financial Dispute Resolution
  • FSCL – Financial Services Complaints Limited
  • Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme
  • National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust
  • New Zealand Shareholders Association
  • SavvyKiwi

If your organisation is interested in becoming part of the network please contact us. Member organisations agree to our Charter of Participation.