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Information about us, our objectives, strategic direction, performance measures and annual financial statements can be found in the documents below

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    30 June 2022

    Statement of Performance Expectations

    The FMA's Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) is one of two documents that set out how we will measure our performance and report on the progress of that performance against our performance targets. The other document is our SOI (Statement of Intent), which offers a medium-term view of the progress made towards achieving our strategic intentions. The SPE covers one financial year. It describes how we intend to perform the services we receive funding for through our Government appropriation. We regularly review our performance measures to ensure they are focused on the impact we want to have on financial service providers, investors and customers. Read the Statement of Performance Expectations here.


    30 June 2020

    Statement of Intent

    This Statement of Intent (SOI) is presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with Part 4 of the Crown Entities Act 2004. The SOI provides a four-year outlook on the performance measures that we will use to demonstrate progress towards our strategic intentions, spanning 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2024. The strategic intentions outlined in this document mirror the strategic priorities set in our 2019 Strategic Risk Outlook (SRO). The SOI also outlines high-level activities in relation to each strategic intention and details how we will measure the impact of our activities over the four-year period. Our SOI should be read together with our annual Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE), which outlines our annual operational performance measures based on the FMA’s three appropriation categories. Read the Statement of Intent 2020-20024 on this page.